Wednesday, 3 August 2016


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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Why is the sky Black?

Thanks Sai Kacham for asking a question under astronomy.
Nothing posses color by itself but every thing reflects color and we feel its of that color and sky is not always black but it is blue due to molecules in atmosphere scatter with the input as sun light(nearest star which is main provider of light when the part of earth is towards the sun direction) this is under principle of dispersion of light.

At night the sky is black as nothing gets scattered and hence it would become black.

Thanks again Sai Kacham please help me out if I had answered question well.Hope you do more research on it and question it more.If any more questions  please go ahead and question them here

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Reasons behing Bathukamma

Thanks Heman Choudhary for asking me the question about Bathukamma.I am very happy to answer this question as it is about our Culture and tradition.I  thank you once again for asking me a question which makes many insightful

Bathukamma is a prominent festival celebrated in Telangana a state of India.This denotes the culture of india to pray nature as it is festival of flowers.It is celebrated during the time of  dasara Navarathri.
It starts on Amavasya  and ends on ashtami.The flowers are prayed as Goddess Lakshmi and Gouri Devi.Bathukamma means life giver.

In this festival women form small groups and move around Bathukamma

Significance of Bathukamma Festival:
-->It starts on Amavasya  where there is no moon and ends on ashtami which is half of half Lunar Cycle.This denotes that we have to develop in our life.
 -->This festival indicates the beginning of  Sharath Ruthu.
 -->Preparing Bathukamma is a folk art.In this flower are kept in form of cone on a circular plate

 -->Here flowers are prayed as God this denotes how nature is prayed as god here.
 -->Girls form small groups and play around all Bathukammas made by all.They sing small songs each phrase ending with "Uyyalo" this denotes love towards god and feel god as small kids.
 -->This denotes women empowerment and the freedom given to women in olden days.In songs there are moral stories,epics and current News.
 -->Every day after playing Bathukamma they again nimarjan into water.This denotes how to preserve nature and a ethical sense that where ever may we start but we end at same things.

Myths involved in Bathukamma
 -->Goddess Gauri killed 'Mahishasura' the demon after a fierce fight. After this act, she went to sleep on the 'Aswayuja Padyami', due to fatigue. The devotees prayed to her to wake up, and she woke up on the Dasami.

 -->Bathukamma, as the daughter of the Chola King 'Dharmangada' and 'Satyavati'. The king and queen lost their 100 sons in the battlefield and prayed to Goddess Lakshmi to be born in their house, as their child. Goddess Lakshmi heard their sincere prayers and chose to oblige them. When Lakshmi was born in the royal palace, all the sages came to bless her and they blessed her with immortality "Bathukamma or Live Forever".

This is just my self analysis please forgive me if I am wrong any where.I always accept any suggestions.

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Why metals get corrode and why not materials like wood,plastic etc. do not get corroded

Thanks Anand  for helping  out with a good question.Thanks for the support given to us.

Basically corrosion means wearing away of metal in other words Corrosion is the gradual destruction of materials (usually metals) by chemical reaction with their environment.

Metals get corroded because they come from ores and the ores mainly comprises of oxides,flourides or other highly electronegitive elements bound with metal atom.Since metals are positive in charge they combine with them and form stable compounds.

~~>Where as wood is already stable with its carbon and Hydrogen materials and also some oxygen. So,it does not need to corrode.

~~>Metals are formed by reducing  these stable compounds to metals.And as Oxygen in the Atmosphere is electronegitive. It has high affinity towards the metals and combines with them wear away as powder,this is called corrosion

eg: Fe2O3 (Hematite) , Fe3O4 (Magnetite) are ores of Iron we need to reduce them to form Iron,And Iron has High Affinity towards Oxygen and Fe2O and FeO,This is called rust.Preventive measures can be taken

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Use browser as calculator

Thanks Arnav for asking a question.And Arnav we can use browser as a calculator.
If you need to calculate some simple calculations, while surfing on the internet ,then no need to open calculator in window or to take any search engine . You can do simple calculation easily in the browser itself using simple java script, which is described below as best I can. You just need to write that script in address bar and press enter and the answer would display immediately in an dialog box.

javascript: alert(calculation part);

for eg: In title bar type javascript: alert(350*4);
and we can do any calculations using this as shown below

then press enter and check that there is no space between javascript and :
And now we get solution

so we get now solution as 1400 as 350*4
Please send us queries if any.
Thank You.

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Thursday, 25 September 2014


One of the Blog Viewer Ashwin, Asked me a question about MAVEN. Thank you Ashwin for giving us the First Question.
MAVEN is an unarmed Space Craft, Which was designed to know Mars's atmosphere with a curiosity of knowing about other Planet. MAVEN is a abbreviation of Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution. By it's name,  We can conclude that  MAVEN was sent to know the atmosphere of Mars and to know about the presence of  water  present at Mars.

MAVEN is operated by NASA. It was launched on 18th November 2013, And it got placed  in an Orbit 150 km away from Mars to acquire the information.

Now your question comes Ashwin :Why was only Mars thought to have life?
Due to following reasons :
--->Nearest  Planet to Earth (Can approximately have the same environmental conditions as Earth).
--->It is expected that small Bacteria may be present on Mars.

 Recently, India has also sent an Aircraft to Mars named 'MOM'.( MangalyanMars Orbiter Mission)

For more information, Visit :

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Reason Behind This BLOG

We all have evolved from monkeys as we all know.And we need to become intelligent and insightful without forgetting our ethics.We should not loose opportunities in the same way we should not loose our track of developing.

So,we should get educated.But we are not doing that but we are going to school and stopping our self from educating ourselves.ONLY WAY TO DEVELOP OURSELVES IS BY QUESTIONING ALWAYS WHY.So,stop accepting and start questioning everything.


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