Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Use browser as calculator

Thanks Arnav for asking a question.And Arnav we can use browser as a calculator.
If you need to calculate some simple calculations, while surfing on the internet ,then no need to open calculator in window or to take any search engine . You can do simple calculation easily in the browser itself using simple java script, which is described below as best I can. You just need to write that script in address bar and press enter and the answer would display immediately in an dialog box.

javascript: alert(calculation part);

for eg: In title bar type javascript: alert(350*4);
and we can do any calculations using this as shown below

then press enter and check that there is no space between javascript and :
And now we get solution

so we get now solution as 1400 as 350*4
Please send us queries if any.
Thank You.

And please give us good question which we can answer through this

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