Thursday, 25 September 2014


One of the Blog Viewer Ashwin, Asked me a question about MAVEN. Thank you Ashwin for giving us the First Question.
MAVEN is an unarmed Space Craft, Which was designed to know Mars's atmosphere with a curiosity of knowing about other Planet. MAVEN is a abbreviation of Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution. By it's name,  We can conclude that  MAVEN was sent to know the atmosphere of Mars and to know about the presence of  water  present at Mars.

MAVEN is operated by NASA. It was launched on 18th November 2013, And it got placed  in an Orbit 150 km away from Mars to acquire the information.

Now your question comes Ashwin :Why was only Mars thought to have life?
Due to following reasons :
--->Nearest  Planet to Earth (Can approximately have the same environmental conditions as Earth).
--->It is expected that small Bacteria may be present on Mars.

 Recently, India has also sent an Aircraft to Mars named 'MOM'.( MangalyanMars Orbiter Mission)

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